FACE on the Pacific Ocean Floor
Live Appearances throughout the nation

                         We are now in the planning stages for the next
         Lloyd Stewart Carpenter Intelligence Briefing Tour
Recently Lloyd has made presentations in
Kansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, Nebraska, Illinois,
Washington and California.
If you would like him to appear in your city let us know.
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Lloyd can appear live at your church, college, high school or organization
See the latest big screen color images relating to this amazing discovery
See the latest facts and information relating to this amazing discovery
See how all of this relates to Bible Prophecy and the End Times
Rates vary depending on the situation and location.
 Churches and schools are given special consideration.
Includes more than 500 powerpoint slides and a special Q&A Segment.
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Spiral Enterprises Publishing,
260 S. Lake Ave #177, Pasadena, CA 91101A

                                     3-hour Powerpoint Presentation
                                                                              More than 500 Slides
Lloyd Stewart Carpenter is a National Championship speaker and an award winning writer. His book, “The Amazing Mystery of the Great FACE on the Pacific Ocean Floor” has been the subject of more than 190 radio and television shows. The foreword to his book is written by Dr. Dean Gilliland of Fuller Theological Seminary. Lloyd’s speeches on Nuclear War and “End Times” Prophecy have been heard by audiences throughout the world. Recently, Lloyd was also a national spokesperson for the Christian movies “Left Behind” and “Deceived.” He was also a distributor of Billy Graham (World Wide Pictures) films for several years. Presently he works with the U.S. Center for World Mission and serves on the board of Global Missions Inc. He is the Webmaster for African Enterprise and the Presbyterian Mission Board. Lloyd is also a Baptist Minister and has given messages to churches in Russia, Israel, Egypt and throughout America. His presentations to colleges and universities have been the subject of excitement for more than 15 years.