Spiral Enterprises Publishing
One 244 Page Book with 122 Illustrations.

The Amazing Mystery
of the Great
on the
Pacific Ocean Floor
Lloyd Stewart Carpenter
Could this be the Face of our Creator etched in Stone?
The Great Weeping FACE on the Pacific Ocean Floor makes up about
Modern topographic and satellite maps reveal the face of a man looking heavenward. He appears to be weeping. His tear track is the East Pacific Rise, the largest mountain range on Earth. Find out exactly why the FACE on the Pacific Ocean Floor is weeping and exactly what it is that he is looking at. Also see the Devil on the South Atlantic Ocean Floor, the Dragon on the North Atlantic Ocean Floor and the Angels on the Indian Ocean Floor. See how the author's discovery relates to Bible prophecy and scriptural links to Eschatology. 248 Pages-122 Illustrations.
Front Cover

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